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Treats & Beaks

Quackers Pantry is the outcome of a combination of passion, dedication, family and love. The story of how it came to fruition is one we’d like to share.

Faith’s passion for preserving began when she was a child sitting on a stool in her Nana’s kitchen at Cundeltown NSW, more than 45 years ago. The memories of that kitchen and her Nana, Faith has happily shared with you.

“Nana had a pantry full of preserves, in all varieties from blackberry jam to preserved peaches. My sister and I with bucket in hands would help Nana pick the fruit from the many trees in her garden on our school holidays. We have wonderful memories of afternoon tea under the grape vine enjoying the homemade scones with lashings of Nana’s jams and cream from the dairy. So, my thanks to Nana for beginning this passion!”

Skipping forward a few years to 2015, Faith and her husband Stephen purchased Grovely House Bed & Breakfast, Stanthorpe QLD. Owning a B&B is another passion of Faith’s and has been for at least 20 years, so another chapter began. Moving to the Granite Belt was the quickest way for them to experience first hand the amazing produce this area is so well-known for.

“It was always in our thoughts to use this produce in the breakfast menu. Visiting local farmers during the seasons is a highlight to our day.”

Our Waddly



Granite Belt Fruit Freighters

Display of fresh produce from a local supplier


Breakfast Scones and Jam

One of the perfect ways to enjoy our Jam


Quackers Pantry Plum Jam

1st Place at Stanthorpe Annual Show 2017


Country Farm Fresh Tomatoes

Locally Picked on the Granite Belt


Farm Fresh Granny Smith Apples

One of our favourite ingredients to use.


Relish & Chutney Ingredients

Some of the local ingredients we use


Quacks & Snacks

As the Granite Belt has four distinctive seasons, Quackers Pantry benefits from the multitude of produce on offer here and creates authentic and delicious jams, chutneys and relishes available for all to experience. The products are made in small batches using Granite Belt produce when in season, ensuring freshness and quality. These products are preservative free and are 100% natural and are Gluten Free.

“The first batch of jam made in the Grovely House kitchen was Apple and Pear Jam. Over time in the kitchen the guests were delighted with the jams on offer at the breakfast table, so our little in-house store began, selling jars of jams, chutneys and relishes to our guests to enjoy at home. We were asked by several guests if our jams were available to purchase online. So therefore, Quackers Pantry was built!”.

You maybe interested to know where the name Quackers Pantry originated….

Faiths final passion, or should this say obsession with ducks began about 30 years ago. Grovely House has many a duck decorating its shelves, so Faiths friend Lisa came up with the name Quackers Pantry.

“We welcome you to enjoy our small batch preserves, and hope you experience the deliciousness and joy we have found while being surrounded by this amazing local produce. Happy Shopping and Cheers”

Faith & Stephen Simon