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A range of scrumptious jams, the only reason needed to try them all.

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Relish & Chutney

A choice of amazing Relish & Chutneys, a delight for the senses.

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A selection of Marmalade’s so good, Paddington would be proud!.

The REAL TASTE of the Granite Belt

Local Granite Belt Produce

Using fresh, local Granite Belt Produce to ensure freshness and quality to each batch of our products.

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Authentic Country Kitchen Quality

An authentic premium quality product built from the legacy of a Country Kitchen spanning 45 years & 3 generations.

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Quality Natural Ingredients

We source all of our ingredients so they come straight from the farm to our kitchen to your table.

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100% Gluten & Preservative Free

Made in small batches when produce in season, ensuring a freshness that comes with a Gluten & Preservative free product.

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